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CrossFit Great Bridge and CrossFit Great Bridge Kids offers Strength and conditioning for Middle, High School and Collegiate level athletes. CrossFit is a general physical preparedness and strength and conditioning program utilizing constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. CrossFit is a broad, general and inclusive program which recognises 10 general physical skills ; Accuracy, coordination, agility, balance, flexibility, stamina, endurance, strength, speed and power. Healthy living requires that kids and adults alike run, jump, push, pull, climb, throw and lift effectively and safely whether or not they play a sport. Building overall strength and conditioning in competitive athletes will not only increase performance but also reduce the incidence of serious injuries on the field.

We offer general conditioning programs for individual athletes to advanced sport specific strength and conditioning programs for teams.

Team discounts available.

Teams/Clubs we work with:

Great Bridge Crew

Nansemond Pirates


“After bouncing around from gym to gym we found ourselves at Wellness One Fitness/CrossFit Great Bridge. Mark and Loretta are knowledgeable trainers who show a personal interest in the success of each of our athletes. in addition they are very flexible and reasonable. CrossFit Great Bridge is where the Great Bridge Crew sharpens their competitive edge.”

Bryan Stambaugh

Head Coach, Great Bridge Crew









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