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Loretta’s Story

Born in New York, Grew up in Brooklyn NY with my Parents, 3 brothers and 2 sisters,  I was #5.

At 18 I joined the Navy, ready to see the world

Then a few years later I married my Brooklyn Sweetheart Mark Richardson…

A few deployments, a few kids later

I was 23 years old and got news that my dad had a stroke and passed… He was in his 50’s

less than 2 years later my mom gets diagnosed with cancer… Then I get the chicken pox.. what 25 year old gets chicken pox.. no my son Craig  didn’t have it..

Well within 2 months mom passed away…

here I was 25 years old with a 2 year old and no parents…It was an eye opener..

Prior to that both Mark and I always worked out… Our was OK.. So I decided it was time to go back to school and finish my degree, I changed my major to Nutrition, while working on my degree  I became more involved in the Fitness Industry, becoming a group fitness instructor

Then I became a Navy Nurse, During my nursing career It made me realize just how much people needed more education on how to become healthier and not end up in the hospital.

So Mark and I pursued the current gym we own now.. mind you I was working there as an Instructor/trainer at the time.

Then almost years go by and I am up for orders.. thinking well I got 20 years in I can just stay here in VA.. Nope… So I choose retirement..

In 2010 I retired after 20 years of service and I completed my first bodybuilding competition…

Since then …




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