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Clean Your Plate Challenge

                               “Clean Your Plate Challenge”

Feb 4- Mar 4

$35 Entry Fee Members

$100 Entry Fee Non-Members

Includes 1 month of All Levels CrossFit,

*4 week meal plan based on macros additional $50

– Need to be ordered by Jan 28th along with macros calculated

*Meal prep $7 per meal (Order Weekly)

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The challenge is designed to reward those who stay dedicated in changing what is on their plate to more natural foods. During this period you will Eat Clean, Train Mean and Get Lean. Paleo/Clean your Plate challenge along with Flexible Eating will rid your plate of processed foods, unnecessary additives, and unhealthy fats. Healthy eating habits and exercising 4x a week over a 30 day period will achieve these goals. The concept of “Flexible Eating” is to provide your body with the optimal fuel that it was designed to run on. You’ll be measuring your success over a 4 week period of clean eating and exercising. Points are given ONLY of you do not hit your macros daily.

The individual who improve the most overall in all areas of body weight, body fat %, & Fitness level will win…..


Intro class Saturday Jan 28th @ 11 am & Sun Jan 29th @ 11 am–to go over “What is Clean Eating & concepts of Flexible Eating, Rules and Regulations of Challenge

Saturday Feb 4th @ 11:00 am weigh-in and measurements,

Monday Feb 6th – Wednesday Feb 8th benchmark WOD completed 

Monday Mar 6th benchmark WODs will be conducted

    • Each participant will start the day with 0 points
    • Track your food on myfitnesspal.
    • Subtract 1 point for each day you do not hit each of your macros                                                                      I.e. – goal is 150 grams of protein – end of the night 140 grams of protein eaten.. 10 grams short =              1 point, 150 calories short =1 point
    • Attend gym 4x week at a minimum
    • All workouts must be completed and logged in at the gym , anything over 4 add 1 point per week
    • Any less than the 4 workouts completed in the week add 1 point per week
    • Screen shot myfitnesspal nutrients page into our private group 3x week to include all 7 days
    • Myfitnesspal Friend request                                 loretta-  lrichardson626 and Mark – reccctv214

Supplements encouraged during

  • Vitamin supplement, night time recovery
  • Fish Oil/Flax oil/3-6-9 supplement
  • Post workout recovery drinks and/or protein shakes

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